There are two ways we can begin to work together.

30-minute chat:
You and me. A 30 minute conversation about your brand, your goals, and advice on where you should go.

One-Hour brand strategy assessment:
A complete deepdive into your brand and the path forward. before our scheduled call you and i will have an in-take conversation. i will be collecting and consuming everything about your brand and where is is currently. THIS IS NOT JUST A 1:1 conversation. this is complete clarity about your brand and A solid path forward.


  • GENERALLY HELPING your brand KICK ASS AND LOOK AMAZING (feedback on Look and feel, color palette, visual identity, RECOMMENDATIONS on direction)

  • Providing clarity

  • Strategizing your path forward

  • Providing all around “expert” advice on your unique brand in your market

What YOU WILL NOT GET - at least not yet:

  • design

  • writing

  • Someone to listen to you complain (that costs extra)

  • turned you into nike over night

*if you are needing a time you do not see shown, holler at me. I will see what I can do.